Event Publishing

Globinars provides seamless experience in creating events and publishing them on the platform. It also helps in creating the registration pages and sending out the reminder emails.

Event Promotion

The outreach to the prospective viewers is always important for the host to achieve the goals of conducting the webinar either to increase the brand value or generate more revenues. Globinars supports this goal by targeting the right watering holes where the viewers are present through various channels and social media.

Event Collateral

Due to a highly competitive landscape to get users and viewership, high volumes of data is created on a regular intervals. And getting the adcopies and creatives right is pertinent to get the target viewers onto the sessions. Globinars has tied up with experienced creative professionals to understand this requirement and churn out Adcopies targeting your viewers.

Post-Event Content Creation – Brand Storytelling

Conducting an event or a webinar is important to draw the viewers who could be your customers or partners but retaining them is even more important after all the hardwork that has gone into this activity. That is where Globinars team of professionals can help to create snippets, short form and long form of content to be published on various channels and improve the brand value or to keep the customers coming back.

Community Building and Engagement

Every host representing an individual or company or industry is looking to build a loyal user/customer database and engage them with high quality content at regular intervals. Globinars team has excelled at building and maintaining communities online by using the right tools to set a process and thereby increasing productivity and engagement.

  • Roam Research Setup
  • Vocabulary Setup
  • Process Setup
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