Unlimited Realities

Thu, May 6, 2021 - Fri, May 7, 2021 (8:00 am - 10:00 pm) 

06 Thursday

Unlimited Realities

Thu, May 6, 2021 - Fri, May 7, 2021 (8:00 am - 10:00 pm) 


Singularity University Frankfurt am Main Chapter, in collaboration with Xperience Plus are organizing the on-line event “Unlimited Realities”, which will examine and discuss the advent and the impact of incoming realities.

With the goal of educate and inspire, the event wants to be a reference for futurist, business leaders and innovators to create and manage multiple realities.

The event will be divided into 4 panels of 1 hour each, covering the areas of: the future of Human-Machine Interaction, Realities, Industries, and Human-Human Interaction delivered by well-known academics, scientists and professionals coming from renowned international institutions.

After each panel the audience can meet the speaker in a Q&A session moderated by an expert in the area

The event is around 4 main topics:

  • Unveil the future of Human-Machine Interaction: Our interaction with e-realities until today has been limited to two dimensions: audio and video. The recent advancements in the tech development in the area of the HMI has shown the potentiality to introduce additional senses, like smells, active & passive touch, and tastes. This is the Internet of Senses. Another big disruption, moreover, is represented by Brain-Computer Interfaces. What will be the impact for the end-user: how we will change the way we can interact with the new contents?
  • Unveil the future of Realities: The further we advance in the exploration of the e-realities, the thinner becomes the veil that divides them, and the various realities will be soon overlapped layers with some points of contacts, as for example, Cross realities and the Spatial Web. We will be able to explain concept in real-life using Augmented Reality assets, empower our communication with multi-realities assets, and we can even imagine to move assets between realities (i.e.: trans-realities digital assets).
  • Unveil the future of Industries: Imagine your simplest webpage able to transmit smells, touch and tastes. What will imply for your business? Imagine your favorite TV series capable of delivering the same level of stimuli… The Internet of Senses will disrupt most of the industries, starting from the online experiences, Streaming Video on Demand, virtual travels, events, matches, gaming and more. The level of complexity of the information we are able to transmit will not be only audio & video, but it will evolve to cover 5 senses stimuli. 
  • Unveil the future of Human-Human interaction: How we, as physical being, will address the various realities? Will we hide ourselves in digital realities by fleeing from the physical one? Or will we refuse to live in multiple realities? Or will we delegate to AI some aspects of life in different realities? What will be ethical and moral framework for the new realities? How will our language and habits reflect these changes?

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